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North Carolina State Strength Sports
Hall Of Fame


The North Carolina State Strength Sports Hall of Fame is a non-profit organization solely dedicated to recognition and preservation of strength sports in the State of North Carolina. Our organization remains committed to recognizing and celebrating strength athletes, coaches, meet directors, and other contributors, of this great sport. We are committed to highlighting past historical accomplishments of past lights and contributors.

Induction Criteria

The North Carolina State Strengths Sports Hall of Fame Selection Committee requires the following criteria for persons being considered for possible induction:

  1. Candidate must be a current resident of North Carolina.

    2. Candidates must have demonstrated a minimum of seven years active participation in weightlifting, power lifting, coaching, refereeing, volunteering, and/or strength sports.

3. Candidates must be at least 25 years of age.

4. Candidates must have demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship throughout their career.

5. Candidates must have demonstrated outstanding participations in the following categories: Strength Athletes, Lifter, Coach, Referee, and Volunteer.

6. Candidates must present a written resume with specific details for the category he/she wants to represent. The resume must include the following categories:

A. Weight lifting and power lifting awards won or placed in

B. Records set (Weight Classes & Age Groups)

C. Sanctioned meets directed

D. Meets officiated

E. Strengths sports leadership positions held

F. Other documented participation and/or volunteer activities.

7. Candidates must be drug free with no history of a failed drug test in any strength sports competitions.

8. Athletes under consideration for admission for the NC Strengths Sports Hall of Fame will be judged by the Selection Committee on quality of competition each athlete has during their competition history.

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